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Reel Magic A​dven​tures

Fishing Charters


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Reel Magic Adventures Reviews

Loved the Day Out

Went Fishing January 12, 2022

While we couldn't go on our regular selected day, it was nice we where able to go on a different day

James Billings MT Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

Fishing With Greg

Went Fishing January 10, 2022

We caught fish all the time, multiple variety including multiple dinners of Bluefish, Flounder, Sheepshead and Black drum. Even a Snook who lived to see another day.

Colleen W Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

Half Day Trip

Went Fishing January 6, 2022

Great morning out on the water. We caught Jack fish, Bluefish, and Red drum. Highly recommend you use Reel Magic Adventures

David C Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

Morning Trip with Capt. Greg

Went Fishing on October 4, 2021

This was a great experience for my grandson who had just turned 10. Greg was very patient with him and taught him a lot about fishing. My grandson was over the moon to catch a redfish almost as tall as he is!! Fishing had not been good and Greg moved the boat several times in the hope of changing that. And then he let my grandson steer the boat back which was also a thrill. I highly recommend a trip with Greg, especially with children!!

 Margaret L. recommends Reel Magic Adventures

"Amazing day"

Went fishing on Nov 16, 2021

Greg was the perfect guide!!

Angie Mc Fadd Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

Capt. Greg Is Awesome!

Went Fishing on October 4, 2021

He is very attentive and informative. He loves what he does and it is a very good quality in any line of work. He’s the best and I will be calling him in the future.

Rae B. Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

Morning Fishing Adventures with Capt. Greg

Went Fishing on Oct 14, 2021

Greg was super knowledgeable and very good and patient with my kids. We had never saltwater fished before and he told us exactly what to do. He was extremely friendly and helpful and taught me and my boys what to do when pulling in a few big ones! Overall we had a wonderful experience although the fish we caught we too large to keep. Still had a wonderful time!

Brent B Recommends Reel Magic Adventures

"Morning fishing with the kids"

Went fishing on Oct 24, 2021

We set out early to ensure we’d have ample time on the boat given rough seas and weather was expected. It turned out great and Captain Greg took us to all the best spots. We caught 8 fish in the end and took one home with us for dinner. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and highly recommend the service.


Richard Fisher recommends Reel Magic Adventures